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     With The New Stars of Music , no matter what 

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    1.  Register.  All we require is a User Name, Age 

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    2.  Prepare your best by placing it on an MP3

        (You do not have to spend a TON of money on a Video) 

    3.   Email it to us at

                             It's just that simple


  1.  You play the Song at your leisure and you 

        a. Don't care for it, no worries, just move on.

     b.  You love the Song, so you simply click on the 

   link and visit their Website for more information.

                  Other Songs  Concert Dates  Etc.

     The NEW STARS of MUSIC  has delivered you

              to the Type of NEW Music you love.



      Facebook is to Social Media

 Uber & Luft is to Transportation

  Airbnb is to temporary housing

           The New Stars of Music 

                             is to

                    NEW   MUSIC

    We Music Harder c

The future of New Music ?

We Music Harder !

                  To give you the best possible New Music Experience

                                                     There will be;

 No Cost          No "Upgrades"          No Sign Ups            No Ads *

   Come to Listen to some New Music ?

      We are the Webhatten Project, a group of Air Force Veterans,

    ranging in age from 77 to 87, who have come out of retirement

    to create Jobs, address certain Social Issues and have some fun.


        Please excuse our "Spokes Rodents" Scrout & C.T. Mouse.


It may take a little time getting use to a web/ap with no Banner Ads.  Pop ups and other under handed ways to get you out of your flow


                             We know you will do just fine


                          Thanks for your time

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August 1, 2022