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 Greetings Gift Givers and  Professional Memorabilia  Collectors

First, a little background.  One of the members of The Webhatten Project is a serious 

collector to the tune of seven figures.  A few years ago he got ripped off with some fake merchandise. It wasn't that much in comparison to his collection, however he blew a fuse and we still here him bitch.  So, when we set up "New Stars" he said I'm going to set up a system where no (expletive- deleted) Crooks will be able to make any fakes !

                      It was more "colorful" when he first made his pitch.

                                                 So you ready ?.

              1. There will only be 100 of these "Master  T Shirts" printed

                                            signed, dated and numbered

                                                Example  23/100

                                    This one you will put in a safe place

                             2. There will be 100 "Slave" T Shirts printed

                                    These will be numbered  23a/100

             Got to admit, it will be pretty cool to have one to wear around

                                          and get some use out of it.


              When you are tired of wearing it, you put it with the Master.

             3.  You need to send us an email if you are interested in: 

                                             a. what the design is

                                         b. What Color they will be.

                            c. How to actually purchase said Collectible.

                   d. and stuff you do not have the need to know at this time.

                              We told you it wasn't going to be easy


New Stars of Music

The Last Great Listening Party.


                             Here's all you have to do.

   1.  Send us a  Money Order Only for $ 200.00 American Dollars



           Donald j. Reinholz & Company

                    421 Broadway suite 5

                     San Diego Ca, 92101

             This is what you are going to receive:  

                     Not One but Two t-Shirts

                (You would receive say 52 & 52a)


                   all the different paper work


                Something "Out of the Ordinary"  *


It is the Gift you can Wear, but never have to put on !

New Stars of

We Music Harder

Collectors Edition   

     21 of 100

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