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  Now, we know that you already have your favorite websites to buy toilet paper, bug spray, nails, soap and mops

                 But, when you want something

                      Different - Fun - Edgy 

  for either you or for a Present - Look No Further  

 Home of Really Excellent Stuff ... and Really Bad Comedy  

We Music Harder  c

Another way we will be able to bring you New music without Commercials
is that we are licencing the
New Stars of Music format to other Countries
Look for
"The new Stars of Music"  MEXICO                                     Spring 2019
"The new Stars of Music " ENGLAND                                 Summer  2019
Others to follow
Good news for all our Subscribers, when we really get going,
you will be able to go to a "Master Map"  ( kind of like Craig s list)
and hear the top songs all around the World !
Just pick a Country, then a Category
We are "The new Stars of Music"

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  Summer 2019