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The Last Great listening Party !

              Coming next Summer,            The Last Great Listening Party

     There will be OVER 1000 New Singers, Rappers Bands and Groups

  for you to get together with your Friends and make a Weekend out of it !

  Q.  Ok, I like it. please take me step by step.  First what do you mean the " Last Great Listening Party "

  A.   We call it the Last because it would be almost impossible to duplicate it, even for us.

           a. Think about this for a second, The Rock category  alone will have hundreds by itself

                in this manner. 

                The Hard rock category will have lead singer, male/female, duo and band.

           b.  There will be 21 tracks of each category.   

           c.   Multiply that number over 40 different kinds of New Music and you can see the impact.

 Q.    Why 21 new Music MP3 s per classification ?


 A.    Step One.  Singers etc send in their track to the category that best fits their tune.

                            certain types, like Male Rapper, will have far more tracks then lets say "Blue Grass"

        Step two.   When we have at least 1000 new MP3 tracks and a decent representative sample

                            we will then email you with the time and date that it will kick off.

              Note:    If you are in a category that has more than 21 tracks,

                           there will be a drawing to see who goes when.

     Step three:  The week before the Party, you will get an email, telling where to begin

                           with the "21"    (hint If your last name begins with "M" you would 

                           start with track 13 and work down from there.

                        This way, the entire Party is engaged right off the bat and no "Pile ups"


Sure, you can call us crazy old fools,  but this is the way we have envisioned this One Time Event.

    YOU, go wow, and get on the phone and start calling everyone you know that has talent, 

                                          maybe even members of YOUR old band ?

          You go, "Roscoe s got a great idea" and you buy some Christmas presents spending $100.00


                                                          The Weekend of the Party

                                          You decide to go to "A Fist Full Of Feces" Listening  Party


                            You listen, you dance, you...well, hey were old, but not dead...yet.


                                                                   The Win Total

     You:  1. Have a whole bunch of holiday grief handled early for a change.

                 2. Have 10 NEW tunes or more to start enjoying and jawing with your friends

                 3. Be part of a ONE Time Event that you can say you actually participated in 

                     and not like those 34 Million Old  (expletive - deleted) who said they were at


                4.  Bunch of really Fun stuff as a "Founding Member"  

                                         Our Business Partners

     As you can see, we have just about something for everybody and were adding new                                      partners weekly so keep checking back

                                   There ready, willing and able to serve you

                                        Singers, Rappers, Bands, Groups

   We want you to close your eyes and consider this, it's the Weekend of the Party and your 

                                                track was drawn and you know it's good. 

                   You got the Band together with all your friends and family and it's go time


           Watch in amazement at the traffic coming to your website and their goes some t-shirts

                                     All kinds of tracks and band concert tickets etc.