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The Last Great listening Party !

 Coming next Summer,       August 7-8-9     The Last Great Listening Party

     There will be OVER 1000 + New Singers, Rappers Bands and Groups

  for you to get together with your Friends and make a Weekend out of it !

  Q.  Ok, I like it. please take me step by step.  First what do you mean the " Last Great Listening Party "

  A.   We call it the Last because it would be almost impossible to duplicate it, even for us.

           a. Think about this for a second, The Rock category  alone will have hundreds by itself

                                                                           in this manner. 

                The Hard rock category will have lead singer, male/female, duo and band.

           b.  There will be 21 tracks of each category to begin.   

           c.   Multiply that number over 40 different kinds of New Music and you can see the impact.

 Q.    Why 21 new Music MP3 s per classification ?


 A.    Step One.  Singers etc. send in their Reservation to the category that best fits their tune.

                            certain types, like Male Rapper, will have far more tracks then lets say "Blue Grass"

        Step two.   The Last Great Listening Party will be held  August 7 -8-9, 2020.

                                We will inform you to send in your MP 3.

              Note:    If you are in a category that has more than 21 tracks,

                           there will be a drawing to see who goes when.  AFTER the first 21!

                                        Singers, Rappers, Bands, Groups

   We want you to close your eyes and consider this, it's the Weekend of the Party and your 

                                                track was drawn and you know it's good. 

                   You got the Band together with all your friends and family and it's go time


           Watch in amazement at the traffic coming to your website and their goes some t-shirts

                                     All kinds of tracks and Band concert tickets etc.


                            Singers, Rappers, Bands or Groups

                              to "Register" your  Song (MP 3) 

                                                   Click Here


 You DO NOT have to have your "Song" ready until next Summer

                  You are merely "saving a spot"  for the Party.


                                                      Attention Entertainers 


         1.  You do NOT have to send your Song (MP 3) at this time.

    2.  All you have to do is "Register" * in the CATEGORY of your Tune,

       3. We will contact you by email with addition information. 

  *  Note: we will NOT Sell, Trade, or giveaway your Email Address


  We would appreciate it if you to tell your "Musical" friends of what is going on.


   Now, if you don't, no worries, we have some fun stuff for you !

Will this be You Up Here

         Some Day ?