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                                                                Greetings Music Recording Venues, 

                        Here was our problem, we have put together what we believe is

                                                 the Future of New Music, 

             however it was a question of how do we get the actual "New Music" tracks

                                                    before we go public?



             We decided to have an event called

           "The Last Great Listening Party"

                        July 4, 2022

                                                   Why Music Recording Businesses ?

    1.  You work among Musicians and know other Musicians in your area.

         2. You may be a Singer, Rapper, Band or Group who can benefit.

                3. You love Music and understand what we are doing.

  4. We wanted to have a "Full Store" of New Music before we informed the public

                               5. You can use some cold hard cash !

                                                                              Easy as 1-2-3

                         1.  Tell all your peers that they have a chance

                to have their best song in MP3 format placed before Millions

                                            of potential new fans.

               2. Have them sign up for "The Last Great Listening Party"


So, how do you like a web/ap with no ads, pop ups, and all the other "clutter" GONE ?


Recording  Studios

                1.  We are only contacting ONE Recording Studio per Town.

                                  Only 100  will be contacted across the USA

                                                   ( That would be YOU ) *

           2.  Now if one of the Musical Groups is Selected for the various 

                   Networks that have already "purchased" our CONTENT.

                      You Business would be looking at earning between 

                                             $10.000.00 to $12,000.00

                                 for the use of your Studio and Troops

                                                     (For just one day)

 * If you do not want to be involved, no worries, we will just contact our

                                            second choice in your town.

              Here is an example of how your Business fits in to the program

1.  We are going to produce 20 minute "Segments" of new Artists who we have 

                 received their "Sign up" for The Last Great Listening Party. *

2.  If our segment producers think they Music is "Ready", they will be contacted.

3.  We then will be sending a  crew to your town and your "Studio" will be the

                    the centerpiece of the of the segment in this manner.

                                         20 Minute Segment Break Down

Each Segment opens with kind of a mini tour of your town, introducing the

             Artist(s) as their third best tune plays in the background

                                                   Break for Ads

Back from break, the Artists are now in your recording studio and they

                                               play their best song

             (The one they sent in for "The Last Great Listening Party")

                                                    Break for Ads

Back from break, the Artist(s) will be sitting around in your recording studio

                 being interviewed by one of our "on air" personalities.

                             We close with their second best tune.

                  * We have several Programs sold in the following manner

       Three twenty minute Segments for one hour of programming times 4 Programs

                                                            for fall of 2022

                           We have takers for Country, Rock, Rap, Pop and Gospel 

                     Were also working to find a suiter for our "Music Mix" Program   

Please do not take urgency for pressure, however we need to know 


                 If you would like to be a part of the Program

         That is why we included a return SASE with the Poster

             We will call you, when we receive the return envelope *


      answer any and all questions about your part in the project

                     There are some other benefits you will receive

               that we would rather wait and tell you about them 

                                   after you are on board

                                            We will need 

               A phone number that will actually be answered

                         The person who we should talk too

                                           best time to call

   * Even if you do not want to be included, we would hope that  you will still put up the 

           Poster, so Musicians in your business will still have the chance to get their 

                                             Music heard by MILLIONS of people

                         We will need you to make a commitment to contact your

                                          previous customers and tell them about


                                              and encourage them to sign up for 

                                                "The Last Great Listening Party"

           We will need a minimum of only three Singers, Rappers, Bands or Groups 

                                      to sign up by the date in the Poster package 

          Like we mentioned, we will clear everything up when we get to talk  with you

                                                                      Be Safe





The Musicians DO NOT have to send their Music

                                    until later