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We Music Harder c

   We are counting on you to tell your Musical friends that  

   they now have a method to get their Music in front of                 Millions for no charge.  LET THEM KNOW !

  Not a Musical Person ?

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           This is all you have to do at this time.

   Fill out the simple form at the bottom of this page.

                                  DO NOT

                         Send in your Song

    Any other information, because this section is all           Computersied  will kick out improper info.

        After we receive your form we will send you

                                 ONE Email

      with additional information and a code word

          and number.  This will let you know when

            we need to contact you to send in your           fi                               Finished Mp3,


                        It could not be more simple for YOU!

   1.  Decide what you really want out of your musical  talent.

        You still going to send in your tape and never even hear back,

           or sign up for "The Last Great Listening Party"


                      Have your Mp3 heard by Millions ?

      2.   Sign up right Now, while it's still fresh in your mind.

     3.    Tell all of your musical friends, because you don't want

                   to be put in a position later when they come up to

                                            you and say

           "You knew about The New Stars of Music, and you

                                        did not TELL ME !"

       4.    Ok, you Sign up and now have Months until you have

           to send it in.  You will send in your track  June 1,2022

                 There for, you can really put maximum effort

                                           into your Song !

The "MARKET PLACE" will decide if you'r any good


    some "Program Director" or end up in the trash

            behind some Dumpster in Hollywood.

The server for our host company is having troubles with

    their generator, so if your Sign up does not complete,

                                   NO worries

    just send a quick email to

                   Good News and Good News Only !

You will receive a Special T-Shirt that will be GIVEN to YOU,  as one of the First

                        Performers at the "Last Great Listening Party"

                               Details in the email we will send you.

                                                           Be Safe

                           Sign Up for

      The Last Great Listening Party