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We Music Harder c

   We are counting on you to tell your Musical friends that  

   they now have a method to get their Music in front of                 Millions for no charge.  LET THEM KNOW !


        This is all you have to do at this time.

              Just send us a quick email to


                             Just include:

       Name of Singer, Rapper, Band or Group

                           Contact Person

                 Your main Musical Specialty

             Rock, Country, Rapp Hip Hop etc.


                                DO NOT

                        Send in your Song



      After we receive your email we will send you

                               One Email

      with additional information and a code word

        and number.  This will let you know when

          we need to contact you to send in your                                    Finished Tune

              (On or about November 1, 2022)


You will receive a Special T-Shirt that will be GIVEN to YOU,  as one of the First

                                Performers at the "Last Great Listening Party"

                                         Details in the email we will send you.

                                                                    Be Safe

                                                                       Sequence of Events

                                                                       1.   You send a quick email.

                We will then send you an email back with more information that we believe will interest you also.

      2.  You will have until November 1, 2022 to work on and/or record the Song  you will be sending in

                                                                 ( Just One Tune/Rapp at this time)

                        3.  We will email you November 1, 2022 to inform you that it is time to email us

                                                     your Audio Track in  MP3 format, your best Song


            4. Besides Social Media, we will be placing ads in 678 College Newspapers on November 14, 2022

                                                        Good News and Good News Only

     The Webhatten Project has decided to put the Pedal to the Metal

                                              by making this offer.

                    We will pay $100.00 CASH Money for every each

                                    Singer, Rapper, Band or Group

                                that signs up by October 15, 2022*

    Yo Dude, can you use an extra

          6,7 Hundred Dollars  or

                     more for

                The Holidays ?



* No Limit