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  This "mock up" will give you the           general idea of how each of the           Music pages will be laid out.



        Your Song in MP3 Audio Format

We Music Harder c


We belive this will interest you also

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      We believe that this will interest you also

          If you are "into" Rock and other forms of Music,

                                either as a Fan or 

    someone who is just learning to play a musical instrument,

              We feel you will LEARN how to really play

                               Classic Rock tunes

              from Rick Beato and his You tube Channel.

              beato >channel

                  Mr. Beato has a series of videos called

                       "What makes this Song Great" 

               along with other content that will help you.


                              This is NOT an Ad !

               The Webhatten Project feels that Mr. Beatos

                       passion for Music and teaching

                             makes him a perfect fit


                             The New Stars of Music




   2.      Someone else's Song in MP3 Format 

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                         and so on


  Here is an example of how        each page is laid out