New Stars of Music


                                           "Your Home for Free New Music"

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United States Radio Stations


      We decided to inform you on our overall Business Plan when it                                 comes to The New Stars of Music.

  1.  You will notice that this is the "USA" version beginning

                                   December 11, 2020

           The New Stars of Music  "Mexico" is slated for Spring 2021

                         England, Germany and New Zealand 

                                       Summer 2021

               We have Webhatten Project members living there.

      After that we will ad additional countries as the word spreads

           So, in effect, our visitors will have access to new music 

                                  every where on earth

       2.  We are a non profit that will be self funded in the U.S. by 

   and The Webhatten Foundation

3.  It hasn't escaped our attention, that when Singers, Bands etc.

               realize that we are on the "up and up"

          We will be reviewing all types of New Music 

    Look for "Webhatten Records" coming the Fall of 2021 

                                    along with

                    "The Three Ring Circus of Music" c

  So, in conclusion, if you want to inform your listening audience

                         and give them the opportunity, 

            the chance to have their Music heard by Millions

                                      for no cost, 

          like many of the stations we have already contacted,

                         they will greatly appreciate it

                             Thank You and Be Safe